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What do we gain by switching to organic farming?

There is a pressing need to turn to organic food. With mass production, food only gets more poisonous each day. It’s the collective responsibility to go for a healthier option. The third major goal of SDG focuses on good health and well-being.

Access to safe and healthy food is a major concern of the time. The goal is to ensure that people around the globe should be able to consume chemical-free nutritious food. Switching to organic food is one of the best solutions we can think of. We may not be able to achieve it overnight but we can slowly move towards it.

Organic food is safe and healthy

People have different opinions regarding how healthy organic foods can be. However, it is wiser to support the initiative to produce and consume organic food. We cannot confuse healthy food and safe food.

Food produced on a large scale could be nutritious but it is also harmful due to the use of chemicals. Producing food organically, or at least minimizing the use of chemicals can make it safer. Also, studies show minimal use of chemicals will help us to absorb healthier nutrients.

Organic food is chemical-free or has fewer chemicals. It could be the healthiest option we have to safeguard ourselves. Organically produced fruits and vegetables have higher levels of vitamin c, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus than the same kind of inorganic produce. Organic food has more antioxidants like anthocyanins and flavonoids.

Lack of exposure to higher levels of nitrates and other harmful chemical organic food reduces the risk of developing deadly diseases like cancer. Naturally organic foods taste better.

It’s always nice to have food that will last you for months, but can it beat the taste of freshly produced food? Think of the difference between store-bought tomato ketchup and ketchup you make at home using some organic tomatoes. Doesn’t it make a difference?

Easily available genetically modified food is another matter of health concern. GMO foods may negatively affect health. Its nutritional value and the toxins used for the production remain questionable.

There is a possibility of damaging the organs and genes in your body. It could be alarming if its effects are carried on to the next generation. Hence switching to healthy organic food will help us save ourselves from damages.

You make organic food more affordable

At some point, we have all complained organic food is more expensive. It could be true. As it requires more effort and money to produce food organically we have to pay more too. We can support organic food production by choosing it regularly. It can help the organic food industry grow better.

Eventually, we’ll get healthier food at an affordable rate for everyone. You may start by trying out organic vegetables like ash plantain, banana blossoms, and young jackfruit. Learn to cook them in a traditionally rich way so that your family loves them. This way you’ll enjoy healthy organic food at an affordable rate.

Consuming organic food can help the environment

Switching to organic food will help us save our environment. Various components of the environment are badly affected by the mass production of organic food. Our waterways are supposed to be clean and chemical-free. Due to organic farming, a large number of harmful waste is released into the water bodies.

The pesticides and insecticides used also pollute the air. Some chemicals even stay deposited for years. It makes the water poisonous and unsuitable for consumption. Human beings and other organisms are at a risk due to a lack of pure drinking water. This results in the loss of aquatic organisms too.

Inorganic farming is done by clearing natural vegetation. Entire slopes are brought down to plant several crops. As a result, the soil loosens and leads to soil erosion which eventually paves way for drought and flood. A large amount of fossil fuel is for conventional agriculture. Whereas organic farming requires fossil much less than that.

Organic farming is more advantageous in many different ways. Conservation tillage and cover crops are eco-friendly methods of organic farming. Organic farming requires little to no chemicals which is the most beneficial aspect. Therefore switching to organic food, without a doubt is a pressing need.

Producing, marketing, and consuming organic food seems to be a tedious task. Investing in this venture and trying to turn towards the better is a crucial decision we have to collectively make. We have to take it as a challenge and go for it amidst all the limitations. Only then can we be healthy and conserve the environment for our future generation.


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