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5 easy steps to an at-home organic farm

Having an organic farm can help us combat many health-related issues. During this uncertain time of the pandemic, it’s wiser to choose a healthy lifestyle. The third major goal of SDG aims to create a healthy global community with access to safe food. Moving towards a healthy lifestyle is a crucial measure we need to take to make it a reality.

Attempting to grow our own food will help us a lot. This could be the most appropriate way to get safe food. You could be someone living in a limited space in the city. You can simply try out a small garden within your premises. Go for some easy-to-grow plants to create your own mini organic farm. The next best option you have is to find organic food stores.

Learn about organic farms

For everyone who has enough space for a nice home garden should go for it. We cannot hide behind excuses and wait for the world to save us. We have to give the time and effort needed to make an organic farm. So that we can protect ourselves and our environment.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of information available on the internet regarding organic farming. Do your research but just be mindful of whatever you can do. Reach out to people who are doing it. Talk to them and discuss how you can do it.

Enrol in programs that will guide you. When you have sufficient knowledge about organic farms you get started. You also can consider getting the certificates over time.

Work on your soil to set up your organic farm

There could be a million little things you need to do before you actually get started on your organic farm. As the first thing, you may have to get out and start getting your hands dirty. You have to check your soil to see if it’s good enough for the crops. It’s better if you can get it tested using a soil testing kit at home.

You may also get the help of a nearby agricultural office. They’ll assist you in doing everything necessary to improve your soil. Then you may have to weed your garden. You can go ahead and clear the drainage to prepare the plots of land.

Plant a variety of crops and take care of them

Having a variety of crops in your organic farm can give you many advantages. You don’t have to stick to some crops that you can harvest all year round. It’s highly challenging to maintain the growing condition of the crops and to keep them stable.

You can switch crops from time to time to ensure you get a good harvest from your organic farm. You may also try planting different crops at the same time. This way you might not find it difficult to deal with pests and diseases. It’ll not destroy your entire organic farm. The soil gets healthier when you plant different types of crops. So you can minimize the use of fertilizer.

If you have enough space, plant some trees that can give you organic fruits over time.

Try to take good care of your organic farm. You’ll have to check them daily and do the needful. Water regularly and weed the garden from time to time.

Keep away pests and organism in natural ways

Culture control is one of the age-old practices to keep your organic farm pest and insect-free. All it requires is to go clean. You have to keep your garden clean. Before you start planting you have to make sure you have clean tools, clean seeds or crops, and a clean environment. After every garden session, you must rinse your tools with proper sanitisers. Homemade ones using bleaching powder or alcohol are much recommended.

Prepare the solutions in the right manner. Soak the tools at least for ten minutes in the detergent water and then rinse off. Also, don’t forget to take the mechanical measures you can to keep away the organism.

Use screens, fences, and mulches to avoid them entering your organic farm. If you find pests even when trying to naturally control them, try to make your own organic pesticide. You may get the help of the agricultural office for more reliable approaches.

Make animals part of your organic farm

If you have enough space and facilities to raise some animals on your organic farm. So that it becomes more holistic. You can at least give it a try to have a small poultry farm. You have to make sure you have enough organic food for the chooks. Then you may even think of raising a goat or a cow if you have space. You should find enough greens and keep them super clean. If you find the courage to go for it, your dream organic life would fall into place.

You can make your own organic farm if you can put in the right time and effort. When you have done your research on organic farming, study your space and try to come up with a plan. Think of what kinds of plants and animals you want. You don’t have to create your organic farm overnight. Take your time and figure out what works the best for you. You can then slowly build it up over time.


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