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Ceylon Fresh is a fast growing online retail shop, we provide Ceylon's authentic products and brands to our customers.


We focus on quality, affordability and convenience of the products we sell.  


Elle Cosmetics by Ceylon Fresh is a well structured cosmetics shop and our main focus is Inclusivity and accessibility islandwide

Powder Texture


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Elle cosmetics
by Ceylon Fresh mall

All for you. We believe in Inclusivity 

Get your products delivered to your door with a few simple taps

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Handloom Sarongs

100% Cotton. 100% Eco- Friendly.

Help reduce damage of the environment

Get your products delivered to your door with a few simple taps

Tea and Coffee 

Export grade hand picked by our experts so you can enjoy the best tea and coffee

Supporting our local tea and coffee business and the economy by selling worldwide

Tea Pickers
Herbs and Spices

Fresh Spices

100% natural and organic spices and blends. Selling the best spices from farms and plantations across Sri Lanka. Our product range includes turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, nutmeg, coriander seeds, cumin seeds etc.

Supporting our Sri Lankan legacy 

Fresh Produce

Export grade hand picked by our local farmers to ensure you have the freshest vegetables and fruits daily

Fresh Vegetables in Basket
Post Production

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